Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rural Areas - the Real India

Since I lived for long in a dark village for quite long sacrificing all comforts of personal life - including giving up education of children and what not ? I understand that only service in India is Service to the Poor People in Rural Areas of India. (please see

Lot of suggestions were drafted on this subject matter and I received an acknowledgement even from Shri Mohan Dharia, vice chairman of planning commission who acknowledged that my thoughts would be represented in the plan document of 8th plan. Services in Bank, and related areas were focussed by me and I do not know the ultimate result.
It surely pained me to see that a pick-pocketer from Bhimavaram village was given an opportunity to be an adviser to the Finance Commission and this information was collected by me and the paper clipping is preserved. How and why such incidents are taking place when we aim at a GREAT INDIA is still a million dollar question for me. I am sure I do not get any answer from any one

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