Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Consider that a Serious and Sincere approach shall keep problems away

The undesirable issues like Ram Janma Bhoomi etc may help one or few political parties to gain from the movement, but surely such issues do not help our country in a progressive manner. Issues of such matters shall pull down the legs of the any country from its aimed progress.
Some of other countries which were burnt down to the ashes in the world wars could rebuild their resources and show the world that can do wonders through unity and dedication. My feeling is only that we are unable to provide a pot full of drinking water to rural women and a continuous burning of an electrical bulb in a rural house which could help small school going children to improve upon. These unproductive issues like Ram Janma Bhoomi etc diversify our attention and therefore my ambition is only that any such issues should be once for all solved and brought to a halt when we aim at Development in all Sectors.

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