Sunday, June 29, 2008

I could not find any other way than praying Lord

I did my best to the best of my ability and capacities to bring reforms and to participate in policy makings of public welfare and interest. I was convinced that my capacities do not permit me to represent my ideas or bring them to reality. Therefore I had no other option than to pray Lord for the welfare of our Countrymen and Country. I started onto the age old trusted spiritual sciences of Ancient India and started performing great havans for the overall welfare of the human beings and particularly of our country. Lord permitted me to perform great havan in all the four corners of the country which normally any other persons out of reach. Thus I enjoyed performing of few hundreds of Yaagas in different parts of the country and this was possible for me as it happen to be an individuals wish and decision.

The Reforms I Expect in India - The Next Generation

The Reforms I Expect in India - The Next Generation ---was the out come of my principles and my conceptual approach to the overall development of the Nation. It is my ambition to print the book and send copies of the same to all leaders, administrators, political highups, and other policy makers in the Government. It is my strong belief that atleast one person would read it and that would be sufficient for me if I could gain one percent reformation. The book could not be printed due to non availability of funds. No one surely would purchase and read, and hence it should be supplied free of cost and Even then only one or two may read it and they are the only hope for this Nation.

I Consider that a Serious and Sincere approach shall keep problems away

The undesirable issues like Ram Janma Bhoomi etc may help one or few political parties to gain from the movement, but surely such issues do not help our country in a progressive manner. Issues of such matters shall pull down the legs of the any country from its aimed progress.
Some of other countries which were burnt down to the ashes in the world wars could rebuild their resources and show the world that can do wonders through unity and dedication. My feeling is only that we are unable to provide a pot full of drinking water to rural women and a continuous burning of an electrical bulb in a rural house which could help small school going children to improve upon. These unproductive issues like Ram Janma Bhoomi etc diversify our attention and therefore my ambition is only that any such issues should be once for all solved and brought to a halt when we aim at Development in all Sectors.

Imports - TOURISM

It was my abmition to keep a favourable balance of trade and payments position to our Country. This would be possible only when we posses exportable goods or services, or open windows for foreign inflow through Tourism. Though the subject was laughed at, I had my own perceptions and very clear thoughts on the subject.

The Political Reforms

As I have been repeatedly writing in many blogs, my concept is clear and my intentions are clear that My Country should remain as a model to the other nations. For reformation of the country, we need a stable Government which can workd without fear or favour. Such ideal situations in Politics do not normally exist, but still, it was my dream. I trusted that "all realities are from dreams, but all dreams may not be realities". I had some fond hope and my age and energy of those days was of non compromising nature.

I am against improper exhibitions

The map of our beloved Nation was not properly shown and the worst TVs films which made children perverted caused me lot of anxiety about future India. The has lead to another book by name "The Reforms I expect in India - The Next Generation". It is my desire to present the pages of the book on this blog if space and time permits.


Consumer Awareness

Consumer Awareness was anothe subject on which I paid attention. I was totally against any indecent public acts and therefore I opposed smoking public places. It was my desire that a consumer should have all transperancy on the goods and commodities he desires to own and enjoy.